Niddy Noddy (1- and 2-yard)

Niddy Noddy (1- and 2-yard)

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This handy little Niddy Noddy may be used to wind the yarn you've spun into a skein off of your drop spindle or bobbin, with a skein diameter of 1 yard (for mini skeins) or 2 yards (for full-size skeins). Its press fit construction holds it securely together while in use, yet it easily collapses flat into two pieces for easy storage. Its short length renders it highly portable, the ideal travel tool for any spinner (or for any purchaser of mystery yarn).

Your Katrinkles Niddy Noddy will come packaged in a reusable sheath made of elastic straps mounted onto thick cardboard. You may want to continue storing it in this packaging to keep both pieces together to ensure its longevity. Made of bamboo, handmade and finished in Rhode Island, the Niddy Noddy measures 4.5" x 10" when assembled and 5" x 7" x .25" when collapsed. 

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