Addi Rocket Squared Circulars 24"

Addi Rocket Squared Circulars 24"

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: 2.00mm/US0
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Addi Rocket Squared needles use a combination of slightly rounded squared edges and a textured tip surface to promote positive ergonomics, helping circulation and reducing tension. The needles sit perfectly in the hand with an ease that is especially beneficial to those who may struggle with grip issues such as arthritis and carpal tunnel. Bonus: The texture keeps your stitches where they belong and promotes perfectly even stitches.
Please note some of Addi’s smaller needle sizes do not follow standard US sizing. 

For Addi needles in sizes US1-US2, the mm listing is correct, but the US numbering system printed on the packaging (and thus reflected in our product listing) must be converted for consistency with other needle brands. Check the list below for Addi-to-US conversions for these sizes, and please don’t hesitate to contact us for help:

  • Addi needles labeled 2.50mm/US1 = conventional US1.5 
  • Addi needles labeled Size 3.00mm/US2 = conventional US2.5

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