Principles of Knitting (June Hemmons Hiatt)

Principles of Knitting (June Hemmons Hiatt)

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The Principles of Knitting

by June Hemmons Hiatt

June Hemmons Hiatt's The Principles of Knitting—beloved by knitters everywhere and one of the most requested out-of-print books for years—has finally gotten the revision fans have been asking for with this fully revised and updated edition. This is the definitive book on knitting techniques, with valuable information for everyone from beginners to experienced knitters. Hiatt presents not only a thorough, thoughtful approach to the craft, but also a passion for passing on the art of knitting to future generations. Her thoroughly tested techniques are presented with clear, easy-to-follow instructions—as well as an explanation of what each one can contribute to your knitting. Informed by decades of experience and thousands of hours of practice, this comprehensive resource offers a variety of ways to approach every skill and technique and offers solutions that can help solve the most challenging aspects of any knitting project. This edition has been rewritten, with new instructions, new illustrations, new information, and new organization.

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