Cable Knits from Nordic Lands (Ivor Asplund)

Cable Knits from Nordic Lands (Ivor Asplund)

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Cable Knits from Nordic Lands

by Ivor Asplund

This collection from Ivar Asplund shows off the beauty, versatility, and endless possibilities of cable knitting, with over 20 projects ranging from sweaters, cardigans, and ponchos to scarves, wrist warmers, and hats, for children and adults. Novice cablers can work up something quick with a single eye-catching cable edging, while veterans can test their skills on larger, more complex patterns with multiple interwoven cable designs. Asplund includes step-by-step instructions, a tutorial section that explains the principles of working and combining cables to achieve a variety of striking effects, and tips and tricks to help ease your way.

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