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The AkerKate consists of a solid piece of hardwood holding four carbon fiber shafts. Thanks to unique engineering, these shafts are able to pivot up and down while remaining captive in the Kate, without risk of being lost or misplaced. Two endcaps protect the wood and house four rubber feet that reduce slipping/sliding during operation.

The AkerKate accommodates up to four jumbo bobbins as large as 4.75" (121mm) diameter and 6.75" (171mm) tall. Bobbins used on 1/4" flyer shafts (Ashford, Lendrum, Hansen, etc.), as well as bobbins for larger flyer shafts (Majacraft, Schacht, Kromski, etc.), will work quite well. Each AkerKate comes with a protective slipcover-style sleeve made of durable canvas duck.

Dimensions: 4.9" x 13.1" x 1"
Weight: ~26oz (740g)

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