Spin-in for St. Distaff Day

Spin-in for St. Distaff Day!

Saturday, January 7 • 2-4pm
Spin in St Distaff Day Spun Ann Arbor
While there may not have been a historical St. Distaff, let's not be deterred from having a little fun! St. Distaff Day (or Distaff Day, or Roc Day) celebrates the distaff (a tool used to hold wool or flax, keeping the fibers untangled before they are spun) and the traditional work of women during medieval times. Please join us for a spinners' drop-in from 2 to 4, hosted by Gwyneth and Carol U. We'll provide space and treats, and you'll provide your own wheels and/or spindles and fiber. If you're curious about spinning but haven't yet given it a try, please feel free to come by for a demonstration! We'll also be offering a 20% discount on all in-store purchases of spinning fiber that day! This event is free and open to all. No reservations required. 



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Designed by Susanna Kaartinen & knit by Julia in Brooklyn Tweed Arbor

Saurel Shawl Spun Ann Arbor

Susanna Kaartinen’s "Saurel" is an asymmetrical scarf that uses brioche stitch and three colors of delightfully soft and squishy Brooklyn Tweed Arbor to make a completely reversible fabric. The bold color blocking and bias stripes add visual interest, and you can finish off the scarf with optional tassels for a little bit of whimsy.

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Calling all
Brooklyn Tweed Quarry fans!

News from Portland, Oregon: The original Quarry colors (with the exception of Fossil) are moving out to make room for a new palette coming in Fall 2023, so the colors we have in the cubbies are all we'll be able to stock until next fall. If you have a favorite of the original Quarry colors, this is your last chance to pick up a few skeins.

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