Drawing Stitches Sampler

Drawing Stitches Sampler

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Dropcloth Samplers, all based on original drawings by artist Rebecca Rinquist, are ready to hoop and stitch. Each includes simple instructions, founded on the notion that embroidery need not be so uptight, but may be improvised for relaxation and to beautiful effect.

The Drawing Stitches Sampler, inspired by marks in a sketchbook, is packed with 31 different stitches to discover and practice--the perfect follow-up to the Original Sampler and the Sequel Sampler. You’ll be left with a work of art to hang on your wall and a reference for future embroidery projects. The finished piece measures 13” x 10”.

Please note that Dropcloth Samplers do not include hoops, floss, or needles. You can shop Spun's selection of hoops and embroidery needles here, and you can find some options for embroidery floss here.

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