Studio Misha & Puff

Spun is pleased to welcome this sustainably produced and
exceptionally beautiful yarn to Michigan!
Misha & Puff is perhaps best known for their Popcorn series: all-over bobble pullovers, cardigans, bonnets, vests, and more, designed both for adults and for the younger set. Misha & Puff founder Anna Wallack has long designed these garments and more, to be hand-knit to her specifications from 100% Merino yarn hand-dyed in her chosen colors. The resulting ready-to-wear garments are known for being effortlessly cool, and they've developed a loyal following over the years, including among knitters who've developed their own interpretations of classic Misha & Puff garments.
Now, thanks to a partnership with Spun-beloved Kelbourne Woolens, Anna's yarn and her design sense are being made accessible to knitters everywhere, with durable (and incredibly squishy) yarn that's sustainably hand-dyed in Peru in luscious colors and ongoing pattern support that emphasizes chic wearability.
Note: This yarn launched nationally on Wednesday, and since then we've already sold through some colors, with the availability of new lots likely delayed until December. If you're interested, don't delay! 
In addition to the yarn, we have two classic Misha & Puff Popcorn sweaters on display for the next week. Stop by the shop to see these beauties in person!