Spun Sidekicks Photo Contest!

As we head into what can feel like the bleakest stretch of a gray Michigan winter, we often turn to our furry friends for solace. And among Spun staff, that means a LOT of critters scurrying around our homes. There are no fewer than 21 four-legged friends in the Spun family. Well, truth: there are actually more, but Julie B. couldn't fit all her cats (no shade toward Chicken, who is a Cat of Size) in the photo--not that she's a crazy cat lady or anything. So, to warm things up a bit this month, we're holding our . . .
Spun Sidekicks Photo Contest!
The rules are simple. Match the pet (or pet group--pet gang? pet cadre?) with their person(s) from the Spun staff list that follows. Send your answers to info@spunannarbor.com by 11:59pm, Sunday, January 30. Everyone who submits guesses will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card. And in the unlikely event that some folks go 10 for 10, said pet savants will be entered into a second drawing for another $25 card. Here are the Spun staff names to match with the pets:
Amanda, Anne, Annri, Carol & Pete & Robin, Gwyneth,
Julie B. & Rosie, Julie H., Kate, Lizzie, and Natalie. 

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