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We've put together a new little online gift guide designed to make this whole "craft-gifting" thing a little bit easier. You'll find everything from the basics ("Would you like to buy me a gift card?"), to gentle nudges toward kits ("Have you always wanted to buy me a sweater?"), to gifts arranged by price ("Why not pick up something I'll love for under $25?"), and more! The idea is to help gift-buyers shopping online get a little bit of the personalized help we'd give them in the store. Take a look, so you know where to send your friends and family, and let us know what you think!

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Spun Project of the Week

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Mystic Square

Designed by James N. Watts and knit by Carol in Noro Ito

James N. Watts's Mystic Square is a magical, modular top designed especially to be knit with Noro's self-striping yarns. Using join-as-you-go techniques, you'll start by knitting a central square, then pick up stitches to add blocks without seaming to build the sweater out. The kit is available in nine sizes, the kits ranging in price from $108 to $158. 

We asked Carol for a little background on this project.

Why did you pick this pattern?

This pattern is made for yarn with long self-stripes, and I was excited to work with Noro--it's been a while.

What did you like most about this yarn for this pattern?

I loved seeing the colors develop! The Ito is also great (in Carol land) because it's rustic without being itchy, with all the colorful fun of a hand-dye without being a superwash. This piece of the puzzle is pretty idiosyncratic.

Were there things about the pattern you found really fun (or challenging)?

I loved the construction! At the point when I made it, at the end of my "summer tops for the store" knitting, I felt especially grateful to James Watt for figuring out a different way to make a cap-sleeve top. The pattern is also beautifully written, and the designer's stitch counts are spot on.

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New in the shop!


designed by Thea Coleman and knit by Rosie in Berroco Lanas
Boulevardier Sample at Spun Ann Arbor
Boulevardier is all about texture, each motif worked in a different “stripe” across the body of the sweater. You'll find the repeats simple and addictive as you watch the overall design grow section by section and enjoy the feel of lovely, wooly, nicely priced Berroco Lanas. Knit in pieces and seamed for stability, Boulevardier is worked from the bottom up with a bit of armhole shaping in the dropped shoulder construction for a better fit.
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Pompom Quarterly 42,
Autumn 2022

expected release date August 31
Pompom quarterly no 42 cover Spun Ann Arbor

When it comes to color, texture, and pattern, the good folks at Pompom consider themselves maximalists! Following their instincts, they've created a knit and crochet collection inspired by abundance, resulting in 11 glorious designs characterized by visual impact and highly satisfying and tactile motifs that echo the intricate aesthetic of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

Designers include Edda Lilja, Elena Dimchevska, Emma Ducher, Emma Janet, Erica Sufka, Fran Lopez, Lucica Luciano, Maria Walters, Olivia Sczepanik, Weichien Chan, and Yucca. Also featured are an article by Aja Barber, a key figure in the movement taking on the culture of fast fashion (follow her on Instagram!), who encourages crafters to consider the clothes we pair with our handmade items; an interview with embroiderer Tessa Perlow; and a biscuit-decorating (er, cookie-decorating) tutorial from Ella Hawkins that will help you make confectionery that looks like your crafting.

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