Sophie Shawl, designed by Petite Knits and knit in Blue Sky Suri Merino

Sophie Shawl

Designed by Petite Knits

Knit by Carol SG in Blue Sky Suri Merino 

Petite Knits’ Sophie Shawl is the stunning big sibling to the beloved Sophie Scarf. The same simple construction of garter stitch, gradual increases and decreases, and an attached i-cord edge creates a graceful shawl in a larger format. Buttery soft Blue Sky Suri Merino yarn (60% baby Suri alpaca, 40% fine Merino), a single-ply worsted weight yarn, has a fluid drape and is as lovely to wear as it is to knit with.

Kits are available in three sizes and range in price from $57.30 to $110.10.