Noro Ito is here! So are some new goodies to welcome spring!

Noro Ito is here at last! And read on for new projects and a Clara Parkes restock!
Welcome Noro Ito to Spun!
This slubby worsted-weight classic is one of Noro’s most colorful creations, providing an ever-changing color spectrum as you knit. One ball will easily yield a scarf, but one-of-a-kind garments must not be neglected!
Shop Noro Ito here.
designed by Natasja Hornby and knit by Julie B. in BC Garn Bio Shetland
Wow, right?? Natasja Hornby’s Lunae is an elegant design made accessible, thanks to mosaic knitting, which only uses one color at a time. Lunae's shallow elongated triangular shape is easy to wear, and the texture and graphic bands, worked both horizontally and vertically, keep the knitting interesting. We've kitted it up in BC Garn Bio Shetland, a lightweight organic wool that comes in gorgeous heathered shades.
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designed by Hanna Maciejewska and knit by Laura in Kelbourne Woolens Camper
Motyle ("motyle" is Polish for butterflies) is a simple summer tee with a butterfly-shaped lace motif on the shoulder bands and matching details on the bottom front. It is knit seamlessly from the top down with short-row neckline and shoulder shaping. Plenty of increases on both front and back make for a smooth, pucker-free transition between the butterfly shoulder strip and the main part of the garment. Kelbourne's lightweight, 2-ply Camper is perfect for this summer wardrobe staple.
See the pattern on Ravelry, and shop Kelbourne Woolens Camper here.
And finally, a restock of two classics from wool genius Clara Parkes!
The Knitter's Book of Yarn
Ever wish there were a way to read a skein and know how it would behave and what it wanted to become before you invested your time, energy, and money? Welcome to the wonderful world of yarn whisperer Clara Parkes, who will teach you everything you need to know about yarn: how it’s made, who makes it, how it gets to you, and what it might best become. The next time you pick up a skein, you won’t have to wonder what to do with it. You’ll just know--the way any yarn whisperer would.
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The Knitter's Book of Socks
All too often, the root cause of a sock’s triumph or failure is the yarn itself. Clara Parkes shows you how to knit socks from the yarn up, following the sock yarn life cycle from its foundations to its final moments on a proud foot. By understanding a sock’s basic needs—elasticity, strength, and moisture management—you’ll learn how to play with these tools, confidently combining fiber, twist, ply, pattern, and clever stitch tricks to construct your perfect pair of socks.
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