Happy Pride Month! New: Opal sock yarn, plus projects featuring Brooklyn Tweed and HiKoo.

Happy Pride Month!

We celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and support the struggle to create a world where every individual is free to live openly and authentically, especially as LGBTQ+ rights are under attack by legislatures across the country. Whether you’re headed to a local event, gathering with friends, or spending some quiet time at home, we hope you enjoy your celebrations. We are committed to making Spun a safe, loving, and affirming space for all.
Opal Hundertwasser is here!
Time to wake up your feet! Actually, Opal's Hundertwasser has enough going on to wake up the whole neighborhood. Hundertwasser is a self-patterning classic that yields sturdy socks with loads of personality and comes fully endorsed by St. Hubbins, the Patron Saint of Quality Footwear.
Shop Opal Hundertwasser here.
Whew! Time to calm down with classic Opal Solid 4-Ply Sock.
Okay! Enough said. Opal Solid 4-Ply is ideal for straightforward socks, etc., and don't neglect clothes for the younger set.
Shop Opal Solid 4-Ply Sock here and Opal Neon Solid 4-Ply sock here.
New Projects in the shop featuring Brooklyn Tweed Loft and Dapple and HiKoo Concentric Cotton
Aranami Shawl
designed by Olga Buraya-Kefelian and knit by Anne C. in Brooklyn Tweed Loft 
Aranami Shawl featuring Brooklyn Tweed Loft
Olga Buraya-Kefelian’s Aranami Shawl has a modular construction that creates a design reminiscent of an ocean with foamy waves on its surface. The shawl features 5 colors of Brooklyn Tweed Loft (100% Targhee-Columbia), whose lush colorways complement each other beautifully.
Shop Aranami Shawl kits here.
Pothos Tee
designed by Beth MacDonald Stone and knit by Carol in Brooklyn Tweed Dapple
This seamless raglan tee is knit from the top down with a lovely leafy lace motif that flows down the raglan panels in a pattern that resembles the Pothos vines that grow in Bermuda. The pattern includes two options, allowing you to continue the lace panels throughout Pothos's body to the hem or to stop under the arm (as shown here). This perfect summer tee is a great excuse to play with the nuanced colors and different marled and tonal effects of Brooklyn Tweed's Dapple (60% Merino, 40% organic cotton), inviting you to craft a unique palette within one colorway or among several.
See the pattern on Ravelry, and shop Brooklyn Tweed Dapple here.
Wilson Top
designed by Allyson Dykhuizen and knit by Carol in Hikoo Concentric Cotton
Allyson Dykhuizen’s Wilson Top is a summer tee designed to make the most of HiKoo Concentric Cotton’s perfect gradient colorway fade! This top-down tee features eyelet increases for the yoke and a mock garter stitch pattern throughout. The pattern is designed to use only one skein of super-soft Concentric Cotton (100% pima cotton). Each kit contains 1 skein of HiKoo Concentric Cotton in the color of your choice and the pattern for the Wilson Top, which will make one top in any 7 sizes. (See our website for details about picking up an extra skein if you're making a larger size and wish to add a little length.)
Shop Wilson Top kits here.

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