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Designed by Andrea Mowry and knit by Julia in Kelbourne Germantown

Andrea Mowry’s The Throwover is a classic pullover sweater with a snazzy colorwork yoke. Knit from the top down with a deep collar and seamless construction in soft, sturdy Kelbourne Woolens Germantown (100% wool), The Throwover is destined to be the sweater you pull on to keep out the chill while looking stylish and comfortable!

Julia notes: "The Throwover is a delight to knit, and the experience was made even better by using Germantown. Germantown is a 100% wool workhorse of a yarn that is the perfect choice for an everyday sweater. And The Throwover is exactly that: an everyday layer that I could imagine wearing right next to my skin as much as over an underlayer in the colder months! The Throwover pattern, with a well-calibrated balance of colorwork and stockinette, is a great intro to garment and colorwork knitting for any adventurous beginner."
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Three yarns from Laines du Nord

Watercolor Sock

Well, this is fun! Why haven’t we been doing this all along?? Laines du Nord's Watercolor Sock yields a matching pair of signature footwear that would make St. Hubbins blush, with soft, painterly gradients that run the gamut from whismical to decadent.

US 1-2/A-B (2.75-3.75 mm) • 8 stitches/inch
458 yards • Fingering • 75 percent wool, 25 percent nylon


Dolly Baby

Made machine-washable using a process that doesn’t utilize harsh chemicals, Dolly Baby is an ideal yarn for making soft, easy to wear garments and accessories, its tidy twist meaning pleasant work, crisp stitch definition, and colorwork that pops, all at a great price point. Is it just for babies? No! Two alternative names if you feel a little awkward: Dolly Sophisticate, Dolly Queen. You get the idea!

US 1-2/A-B (2.75-3.75 mm) • 8 stitches/inch • 254 yards • Fingering
100 percent nonshrinkable wool

Dolly Maxi

Helloooo, Dolly Maxi! This plump and springy Italian beauty is ready and waiting to make all sorts of goods, for both adults and the younger set. Made machine-washable using a process that doesn’t utilize harsh chemicals, Dolly Maxi is a worthy add to your secret workhorse repertoire.

US 7-8/G (4.50-5.00 mm) • 4 stitches/inch • 95 yards • Worsted
100 percent superwash wool

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